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Health Minister Launches Inquiry Into Breast Implant Scare

silicon implant scareHealth Minister Stavros Malas said he has launched an investigation into the possibility that women in Cyprus have had silicon breast implants made by French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP).

If there are any women who have these implants, the government will take its own measures, he said, after France and Britain decided to fund operations to remove them.

There are 30,000 women in France who could opt to remove the implants, which could rupture and leak silicon gel, say experts. An additional 40,000 PIP implants were used in the UK, according to news reports.

Meanwhile, Interpol said it is seeking the arrest of PIP owner, 72-year-old Jean-Claude Mas. PIP has closed down amid reports that the silicon it used in its implants were made of a sub-standard gel normally used for mattresses.

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