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Turkish Warships Escalate Tension in Eastern Mediterranean, Dangerously - Report

turkish warships cyprusOn Wednesday December 21st Turkish warships began turning their guns on the strip of water dividing the Israeli and Cypriot gas exploration zones in the south-eastern Mediterranean, according to, citing Israeli military forces.

The warships are now in international waters between Cyprus’s Aphrodite (Plot 12) and Israel’s Leviathan Gas fields and both Israel and Cyprus have increased their naval presence in the area. 
Noble Energy, the US based company responsible for exploration on both Gas fields published a new estimate for Leviathan’s untapped potential on Monday, Dec. 19, adding 6.3 percent to it, raising it from the previous estimate of 16 to 20 trillion cubic feet. Next week the first estimates for Aphrodite’s untapped potential is expected by Noble and the information already released expects it to be also huge.  
Israel and Cyprus have not reported Turkey’s actions yet, but President Demetris Christofias warned Turkey on Friday saying that "If Turkey does not change its gunboat diplomacy and stop playing the part of regional police officer, there will be consequences which, for sure, will not be good - either for the whole region or the Turkish people and the Turkish Cypriots," and Israel’s ministry of defence blocked the licence for exporting advanced intelligence gathering systems , by two Israeli companies to Turkish air force.
According to DEPKAfile, citing Washington sources, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told her Cypriot counterpart Erato Kozakou Markoullis during their meeting on Monday  “to go full steam ahead with gas drilling and ignore Turkish harassment”.

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