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Population Rises By 22%, Births Decrease - Census

The population in the government-controlled areas has risen by 22% since the last census in 2001, according to preliminary results of the 2011 population census.

But the last decade cannot be characterized as a baby boom era, as births decreased dramatically. 
The increase in population is due to an increased number of foreign nationals residing on the island. The total current population of the island numbers 838,897 and foreign nationals make up one fifth of that. 
In 2001 the total population of the government-controlled areas of Cyprus was 689,565. 
There are slightly more women than men, according to the results. They make up 51.3% of the population, compared to men’s 48.7%.
According to the results of the census, the population distribution by province in 2011 is as follows:
Nicosia 38.8% of total population
Limassol 28.0%
Larnaca 17.1%
Paphos 10.5%
Famagusta 5.5%

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