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"We Don't Care" - Electricity Authority Employee

no to electricity authority monopolyIn case anyone needed confirmation that the Electricity Authority could care less about its customers and see them as sheep to be sheared regularly of their cash, an EAC employee at the Kolonakiou Street branch in Limassol said "we don't care" when I told her that the new five percent interest fee on late bill payments was not fair.

No, they don't care, fellow sheep.

They don't have to care. They are an effective monopoly and we have no choice but to freeze or pay the ridiculously high prices they charge for electricity. Eight percent higher after the Mari explosion. Plus five percent in late payment interest as of February 1st. That's twelve percent higher if you're one of the 32,000 unemployed and cannot pay your extremely high bill on time.

And don't give me that codswallop about fuel prices. Have you seen the EAC's new building in Nicosia? How many millions did that cost in taxpayers' money? On our backs.

So, dear sheep, are we just going to take this?

Go to this new group in to protest and show your civil action:

They may not care - but we do.

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