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Blog, Don't Be An "Idiot"

blogging In ancient Greek democracy the word "idiot" meant someone who didn't take part in common afairs (Iδιώτης - idiot literally means private citizen) People that did not speak their mind about politics were considered of lesser intelligence.

If you think about it, freedom of speech is what makes a state move forward to a more open, progressive and democratic society.

Freedom of speech is not only a right though, its also an obligation. In order for it to be an effective tool towards this goal, citizens have to exercise it and if history taught us something is that everytime people neglected their rights, they lost them.

Unlike today when technology gives us the tools to express our opinions and be heard instantly by millions, in ancient Greece citizens had to walk long distances and go to a place called "Πνύκα", which was basically a rock, stand on top of it and hope that enough citizens would gather and listen to what they had to say.

Am sure that if ancient Greeks saw today's technology, they would call anyone who refused to voice his/her opinion "panidiot" (totally stupid) 

So defend your freedon of expression and blog, don't be an "idiot" and let others take away your rights. 


 The sacred rock today


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