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Thought for Today 13.2.2012

Wil de Boer's picture

thought for todayWe all are aware of the energy people around us send out, we all know and recognize vibrations of love or hate. We are all experts in feeling fear. We all know that our behavior of frustration and anger will not help to solve our problems.

We forget so easily that we are the key to change our intentions of anger into intentions of power and harmony, expecting others to help us out. Be today present with your heart! Be present with your powerful intentions of love.

Wherever you are, home or in your office, shop, hospital or school, be fully present with your heart. Promise yourself to accept and love what you are doing there and you will feel and experience the power of your heart in action.

There is only one way to happiness and you find that path in your heart. Embrace your life and all what's in it as surrender takes away the complaints and anger making you free to receive new ideas and solutions.

Love & Light, Wilhemina 

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