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No Suspects in Media Group CEO Murder

Police have no suspects in the murder of 41-year-old media CEO Andy Hadjicostis who was shot in the chest at around 8.30 last night.

"We need some time and some room to move and conduct our investigations," said a spokesman, adding that an announcement would be made later this morning.

Members of the media expressed deep concern and distress over the killing in the case that it was a message to journalists and media figures around the island.

"What does this mean? That the head of Antenna or RIK or any media channel can be shot outside his home?" said one journalist.

Justice Minister Loukas Louka accompanied investigators at the scene of the crime, which was outside Andy Hadjicostis' home in Engomi.

Hadjicostis leaves behind his wife and two daughters - the couple married just last year. He was shot by two unknown people on a motorcycle as he was getting out of his car. One of the murderers got off the motorcycle and shot him in the chest. He died instantly, according to police reports.

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