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Cyprus Peace Talks Close to Deadlock on Core Issues - UNSG

ban ki moon report on cyprusDirect talks between Cyprus leaders Demetris Christofias and Dervis Eroglu are close to deadlock on the core issues of property and they have made limited movement towards convergence, said UN Secretary-general Ban ki-Moon in his latest report on the peace talks.

"Regarding the “core core” issues, the election of the executive remains at an impasse," said Ban ki-Moon.

On the issue of citizenship, the sides agreed on a number of persons from both sides which would "become citizens of a united Cyprus with the entry into force of a comprehensive agreement," said the UNSGR.

"On the issue of property, negotiations have arrived at the stage where the sides are exchanging data, which should assist them in reaching a common understanding based on their separate proposals," he added.

Full agreement on property will ultimately depend the redrawing of maps which will be discussed only in the period leading up to the multilateral conference with Cyprus' guarantors Greece, Turkey and Britain.

"Another crucial issue that remains unresolved is precisely how a settlement would be incorporated into European Union law. Both sides have put forward proposals that attempt to address some of the concerns of the other side. However, to date, neither side has found the other’s proposals satisfactory," said Ban ki-Moon.

However, the internal aspects of security and guarantees have largely been agreed, he said. The external aspects of security can be resolved only in discussions with the guarantor Powers, as signatories to the Treaties of Guarantee and Alliance, said the UNSG.

Ban ki-Moon called on the leaders to include civil society organisations and womens' groups in the negotiations, saying that it will help build public confidence in the benefits of a settlement. He urged an agreement now, saying that the current window of opportunity is not limitless. The next meeting between the leaders is set for Thursday 22nd March.

His full report can be read here.

Photo: at Greentree Estate during the last talks with Ban ki-Moon.

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