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Ministry of Health Investigates High Pharmaceuticals Prices

high pharmacy prices cyprusMinister of Health Stavros Malas said he is investigating the cartel-like implications of shockingly high prices of pharmaceuticals like Panadol which in some cases are over 300 percent higher than other EU countries.

Panadol is being sold in Cyprus for 3,42 euros, compared to 0,65 euros in Greece, while Buscopan is priced at 4,24 euros compared to 1,09 euros in Greece. Prostate cancer medicine Oliclinomel sells for 217,03 euros in Cyprus - and 32,31 euros in Greece.

Pharmaceutical prices are set by the Ministry of Health, said Malas, and the ministry is responsible for monitoring them in the health sector. Meanwhile, in related health news, public hospitals are suffering a shortage of staff after 109 health care workers' contracts ended in March. The gastroenterology centre in Limassol General Hospital has come to a complete halt because the only gastroenterologist was fired, and other cities have similar staff shortages now.

The Ministry of Health said they will be re-hired immediately after their contracts are renewed upon Parliament's approval.

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