• italy earthquake
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    Italy Earthquake; Buildings Collapse, Several Dead

    Several people have after a building collapsed in central Italy, killing several people in the early morning hours on August 24th. It is feared that the death toll will rise; emergency services have been working since the morning to rescue people trapped in the rubble. The town of Amatrice was nearly wiped off the map, and […]

  • petrol prices
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    Are Petrol Prices Set to Rise? Analysis

    WTI Crude Oil and Brent Crude, the energy sector’s leading benchmarks, have risen sharply in the last week, passing the $50 per barrel mark. After the oil price’s long decline, does this mean that consumers will start seeing higher petrol and electricity prices? There are arguments for and against. Against There is actually a long-standing over […]

  • cobalt
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    Struggling Airline Cobalt Could Lose Cyprus License Amid Probe

    Struggling airline Cobalt could lose its Cyprus license after the Civil Aviation authority said it would investigate safety issues and did not rule out a license suspension or cancellation. The airline has come under criticism after two incidents this summer. On August 21st, a flight to Manchester took off and then returned to Larnaca Airport 50 […]

  • cyprus
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    Cyprus Talks: Rush to Seal the Deal before 2018 General Election

    President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci have scheduled multiple meetings over the next two weeks in a rush to seal the deal before presidential elections in Cyprus in February 2018. The sticking points remain: Security. Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots want to retain Turkey’s guarantee over Cyprus. This is rejected by the Greek […]

  • george low murder
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    George Low Murder Suspects Arrested in Turkish-held Kyrenia

    Two men suspected of knifing British 22-year-old George Low to death have been arrested in Turkish-held Kyrenia, according to Turkish-Cypriot media reports. The deputy head of the Bicommunal Technical Committee on Crime (BTCC) Onen Tzielal told Yeni Duzen that the suspects were not Turkish Cypriots but of Bulgarian and Arab descent, meaning they may have […]

  • the independent robert ellis
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    What Independence? Press Censorship Emanating from Turkey Must Stop

    As a reporter of 25 years, and a great believer in press independence, it was shocking to me to read that a colleague and friend, Robert Ellis, had his opinion piece about Turkey pulled by The Independent. The publication – which I admire for its self-reliant stance – cited concerns over one of its journalists travelling […]

  • tensions greece turkey
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    Tensions Rise Between Greece-Turkey over Coupist Extraditions

    Tensions between Greece and Turkey are rising amid Ankara’s formal application for Greek authorities to extradite eight Turkish army officers who fled to Alexandroupolis the day after the attempted coup in Istanbul on July 15th. Since then, Turkey and Greece have exchanged critical comments at the political level, and relations have cooled even further. On July […]

  • blogging cyprus
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    CNR News Club: Blogging Tips for Businesses

    Blogging for branding and influence In the digital age, marketers have the additional challenge of creating blogs that are persuasive and show expertise without putting people off with the hard-sell approach. Finding this balance is what makes a successful blog, and promoting it correctly is what makes a blog popular and ultimately more influential. Over time, […]

  • how and why to blog with cnr news club
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    How to Blog with CNR News Club to Build Your Reputation

    Watch this video to see what’s inside CNR News Club! A blog can build your reputation and create more opportunities for your future. CyprusNewsReport.com started in 2009 with a simple idea; making the mainstream media more accessible to writers, activists and everyday people who need exposure for their ideas and work. The competition in most […]

  • knowledge
    in: Holistic  | 

    Thought for Today – Shine Your Light on Fear

    Life is not about success, happiness and being clever. It’s not about your bank account or position and even not about how healthy you are as life is simply an opportunity to shine your light into the darkness of fear and duality. All that makes you happy, all that you think you have to achieve, […]

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