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Nietzsche Shames Top German Magazines - Opinion

der spiegel greece coverEvery so often German media comes up with insulting articles about Greece. Most of them are trying to prove that Greece must leave the Eurozone and refer to the Greeks with condescending remarks, such as crooks, lazy and so on. But mostly what they do is take photos from great pieces of art from Greece and distort them in a bizarre attempt to downgrade their importance and insult Greece at an even greater level; the level of its culture, its heritage and its history.

In my opinion none can give a better answer to their ridiculous attempts than the great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. I urge the German journalists to study their own great culture; it will make them appreciate Greek culture as well.

Here is an excerpt from Nietzsche that explains precisely what Der Spiegel, Focus, Stern and other German top magazines are trying to do and how he predicted their failure 140 years ago!

"Proven in every period of its development, the western European culture has tried to rid himself of the Greeks. This work is imbued with deep disappointment, because whatever we create, seemingly original and worthy of admiration, lose colour and life in comparison with the Greek mode, came to resemble a cheap copy, a caricature.

So again and again soaked in a rage erupts hatred against the Greeks, against this small and arrogant nation, who had the nerve to call it barbaric whatever that had not been established in its territory ...

None of the recurrent enemies had the fortune to discover the hemlock, which could forever be rid of them. All poisons of envy, of hubris, hatred, have been insufficient to disturb the great beauty.

Thus, people continue to feel shame and fear of the Greeks. Of course, occasionally, someone appears to recognize intact truth, truth which teaches that the Greeks are the charioteers of any upcoming culture and almost always as the chariots and horses of the upcoming cultures is very low quality compared to the charioteer, who eventually work out driving his chariot into the abyss, which are beyond the Achilles 'Leap'

Friedrich Nietzsche ("The Birth of Tragedy" Chapter 15)


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