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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - A Fiery Dinner!

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alice-in-flamesSo Saturday’s food was obviously exciting… it’s not every day one gets to try Burmese food. And yes, the starter - an eggplant-coconut curry with warm Naan bread was a bit hot, but nothing in comparison to our guest star for the evening - fire artist Alice in Flames who really ‘heated up the evening’.

Alice does private and corporate events and can be seen doing beautiful fire art at various club openings, parties in the area (see Everyone was really excited about being treated to her show; it had been declared an ‘all ladies night’ and the mood was fantastic from the very beginning.

There was lots of laughter about all those extra welcome drinks that the ‘not quite so brave’ got to enjoy. Those guests who had declared an interest in giving fire eating a try, were strictly forbidden to have any alcohol beforehand. So after introductions during which lots of ‘like-mindedness’ was discovered, everyone sat down for starters, lots of chatting and toasting. As expected, this course lasted quite some time as dipping warm Naan bread is just something that needs to be enjoyed at length.

While guests were still dipping away (or shall we admit: wiping their plates clean with chunks of fluffy bread), Alice started with a brief talk on fire safety, burns and their treatment. After some questions, more toasting and more dipping, we were then treated to a fabulous fire show! I actually had to seriously crop some of the pictures taken because there were too many mouths hanging open in awe. Seeing someone up so close swallowing fire - all this was happening in my living room - really is awe-inspiring. Especially if done by a lovely young lady as gorgeous as Alice (sorry guys, eat your hearts out).

Then it was time for some of the guests to ‘play with fire’. The first lady was super brave and got right down to business - she declined the offer to get used to the flames first by moving the torches over her arms and after some very careful and clear instructions - she just went ahead and stuck that torch into her mouth to extinguished it. No pain, just lots of excitement and applause! Two more guests had a go – they were a bit more cautious but it was all equally exciting and fun and obviously lots of pictures were taken. By the end of the show/lessons, everyone had really deserved the main course of a traditional flavorful dish with fish, lemon grass and rice noodles called ‘Mohinga’ and of course a glass of chilled white wine to cool those lips… Conversation stayed very lively throughout as there was lots of networking to be done - so many innovative, dynamic ladies owning/starting their own businesses.

The lovely founder of the facebook group ‘The Cottage Network’ was also present (see and great ideas and initiatives were discussed. More than ever, fantastic contacts were made and most of the guests were also connected via facebook by the next morning. Things don’t get much better/more inspiring than that.

Dessert was - just like fire eating - ‘not for the faint-hearted’ …. just right for all those brave ladies: a very strong and spicy ginger-lemon-sesame dessert recommended as authentic by my Burmese English students. Everyone did try it, but several guests then opted for a more ‘conventional’ piece of banana cake. But ginger or not… the evening went on way past its usual finishing time and once again I can say: a great time was had by all. A big thank you ladies, and again: a big thank you Alice!

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