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Thought for Today 1.6.12

Wil de Boer's picture

thoguht for today Life doesn't treat you bad and nothing happens to you to punish you, all is experience. The more you realize that it's you attracting certain situations and people, the more you can look into what happens in your life without feeling the victim of it.

Your life and circumstances only show what you are able to give to yourself and how worthy you feel to receive. All what happens is to awake you to your own power. The moment you allow yourself to make the difference in your life, you will as you are capable of creating miracles instead of misery.

Love & Light, Wilhemina



Will Greece's Cycle of Debt and Crisis Be Broken By the New Eurozone Deal?
Yes, now the country can grow and get out of crisis
No, Greece's economy is not efficient
Maybe, if the reforms are implemented
Total votes: 91