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Police Investigate Young Woman's Death by Poisoning

Nicosia police have not ruled out murder in the death by poisoning of a 27-year-old woman from Romania, said a spokesman.

Veronika Zenonos fell into a coma and was hospitalised yesterday after drinking the banned poison Lannate, which she reportedly dissolved into a glass of water thinking it was for weight loss. She drank the poison - reportedly contained in a plastic bag - while at a beauty salon in the capital.

Police said they are interviewing a number of witnesses who were at the salon.

Urgent questions have arisen about how the banned substance could possibly have been mistaken for a weight loss drink.

Lannate is a highly-toxic insecticide made of Methomyl and is often used in Cyprus to poison neighborhood pets like cats and dogs. Citizens and authorities have long feared the possibility that a child or adult could accidentally be poisoned by Lannate, either by touching an animal that was poisoned, or by picking up the substance from the ground.

Whether the young woman's death was foul play or an accident, these fears have unfortunately come true.

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