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Univ. Minnesota Publishes Book on Cyprus

'Partition Through Foreign Aggression: The Case of Turkey in Cyprus' by William Mallinson is the title of a new book on Cyprus published by the University of Minnesota.

The author argues that Cyprus, a member of the European Union, should be a cohesive social and political federation - despite attempts to slice it into two against the grain of its natural social and historical development.

Mallison's book demonstrates that the very idea of partition for an island state like Cyprus is an "unacceptable aberration of common sense and decency, an illicit escape route from commonly accepted norms of international relations," and a bizarre anomaly in the EU context, say the publishers.

"The current division of the island through the brute force of NATO’s second largest army highlights the illegitimacy of partition in Cyprus," according to the publisher's review.

It also reflects the anachronistic military goals of a country that is occupying a member of the European Union, an organisation it is trying to join. Furthermore, Partition through Foreign Aggression 'shows that no amount of quasi-academic debate, think-tankery, semantic sliding, and humbuggery can detract from the fact that Cyprus should be reunited through EU and UN law, rather than used as a whipping-boy of the self-seeking strategic obsessions of the worst side of nineteenth-century power politics.'

William Mallinson lectures in British history, culture, and literature at the Ionian University, Greece. Earlier, he had served in Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service for six years. His numerous publications include Public Lies and Private Truths: An Anatomy of Public Relations (1997), Portrait of an Ambassador: The Life, Times and Writings of Themistocles Chrysanthopoulos (1998), and Cyprus: A Modern History (2008).

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