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Treis Elies, a Journey in Spring

Treis Elies is a small village in the remote regions of the Marathassa in the Troodos mountains.

Here in this lush, abundant Eden reside an ever diminishing number of  permanent dwellers; the number is about 20 at present. It was here that in the Spring of 2007, an American photographer and writer Ethan Hubbard came to stay for several months.

This remarkable man at the age of 37 sold his house and land in Vermont in order to travel the world and study the indigenous peoples of remote communities all over the world to bring a "deeper sense of fulfillment" into his life.

When he arrived in Treis Elies after 30 years of travelling and writing he had  already visited more than forty countries, from deepest Samoa to equally deepest Wales! He had already written and produced many books showcasing his photographs and relating his observations of these disparate cultures when he embarked on his latest meditation in Treis Elies.

 My cousin Androula Christou, runs a lodge in Treis Elies, perched high at the top of the village, it was here that, like the eagle, Ethan landed to stay while he was collating his material. When I also found my way to Treis Elies in Spring 2010 to research for my book, Androula showed me some of the beautiful black and white photos he had taken. Now at last once funding had been offered, this wonderful book is ready for the world to see.  I have only read a very small part of the writings that go with the photographs as yet, I am excited to see the finished product but the flavour is rich and unusual all who have seen it so far are keen to take it home and read it fully. The pictures tell one part of the story and Ethan relates his impressions of a villagers life day to day in a poetic and lyrical manner. A unique and apposite offering when these remote communities teeter on the edge of extinction.

It strikes me as remarkable that this tiny village has inspired two books in such a recent time.

On 10th August 3013 at 7.15 pm a presentation with refreshments will be made of the book in Treis Elies and all are welcome to attend, a great opportunity to visit this lovely village, after the presentation there will be a short theatrical performance. All enquiries to Androula Christou  99527117.  






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