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Horrific Videos of Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack in Damascus

syria chemical weaponsHorrific videos (graphic warning!) of Syrian civilians struck down by what appears to be chemical weapons have started streaming onto the Internet, after dozens were killed and hundreds injured by Syrian regime forces.

Syrian state TV has denied using chemical weapons, however, the UN has vowed to investigate this morning's attack,

"We are trying to find out more," said the UN spokesman, adding that the UN secretary-general is aware of the alleged gas attack.

Since the beginning of the civil war, government military forces have been the main suspect as they control the chemical weapons stockpiles.

According to a BBC report, the videos do appear to be a confirmed chemical attack which originated from a rocket launched against the Ghouta region, amid a wider air raid on the area. The victims shown do not have any external wounds, and several of them are seen to be having extreme difficulty breathing. Reuters also reports that dead children were laid out on the floors of a clinic with no visible signs of injuries.

The footage shows chaotic scenes of bodies being brought to a clinic on the back of a truck, and medics desperately trying to resucitate men and children with rudimentary medical supplies like oxygen masks and water. Rows of dead children are laid out on the floor, covered with blankets and sheets.

British foreign minister William Hague said: "Those who order use of chemical weapons, be in no doubt, we will work in every way we can to hold them to account."

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory said on its Facebook page: "Activists in the area of East Ghouta have said that the regime used poisonous gasses during their bombardment on the area, causing dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. In the Western Ghouta the airforce was used to bombard parts of Mou'adamiya city and its surrounding area, which is also under bombardment by multiple rocket launchers; this is considered the heaviest bombardment inflicted on the city since the beginning of the regime attack and attempt to regain control over it. Activists in Mou'adamaiya have also accused the regime of using poisonous gasses in their bombing of Mou'adamiya.

We at the SOHR call on the UN investigation team on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, as well as all international organisations such as the Red Cross , to head directly to these devastated areas in order to verify and investigate these reports and pinpoint the body responsible for the use of the weapons, as well as to immediately provide the badly needed aid and medical treatment to the people in these areas."

In an earlier UN report, both rebels and government forces were held responsible for atrocities against civilians.

Cyprus is close to Syria, raising fears of nerve gas drifting over the sea onto the island.

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