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How do you Connect?

cyprusnewsreportNow when you read the title did you think I was referring to your technological or human contact? Today I viewed a You Tube video called 'I forgot my Phone" which show how endemic 'smart' phones have become in people's lives all over the world. Instead of individuals living the moment it is instead viewed vicariously through their phones.

At special events, birthdays, weddings, christenings probably births maybe even conception (?) the phone is turned toward the event and the owner is viewing the event through the phone instead of being present and experiencing the moment through their own eyes. This of course allows others who are not present to witness the event but at what cost to the spirit of the occasion, how' present' are you if you are focusing more on the phone than the occasion? How much of that spirit is lost?

In cities the phone has become the tool of choice for disassociating from surroundings. I pass people in the street, either listening to music or talking into ,apparently, thin air, holding intense conversations for all to hear, oblivious to what or who is going on around them.  Now of course they can have face to face conversations on the phone as they are walking along. At the supermarket check out no eye contact is made with the cashier while she checks out the shopping and takes the money, she might just as well be an automaton. In cars' hand held devices are in operation as difficult manouevers are performed, how much of the driver's attention is on the driving? There is a constant desire to keep up with what is going on 'out there,' not to miss a moment of Facebook updates or the news. It is so tiring.

How aware are users of their surroundings, how engaged in their relationships their friends their own lives? Technology is a wonderful thing and I'm as excited as the next person at the possibilities it presents but it can be as addictive as drugs or alchohol and as numbing. There is a time and a place not 24/7. Personally I enjoy just sitting and staring into the passing landscape when on a train or reading, I like looking in shop windows and hearing people's conversation when walking along the street, I like looking where I'm going and and interacting with my fellow man. I like having a quiet conversation without being interrupted.

One of the early mobile phone adverts showed a man fishing in the middle of a beautiful lake ...then his phone rang, the slogan was "be in when you're out"  Great, but what happened to the peaceful days fishing away from it all? I preferred it when I could be out when I'm out.

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