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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Wonder-full Dinner

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marys dinner clubAnd the weekend was… ‘wonder-full’. At first, on Saturday, we greatly enjoyed ‘the smallest Dinner Club ever’. After some very last-minute (but very understandable) cancellations I welcomed 3 guests at my Vietnamese dinner - British, French, and Thai - and Austrian since I had plenty of time to join them.

While it is great fun to change seats and conversation partners after each course and get to hear so many different travel- food- and life stories, it is also lovely to spend an evening with the same interesting, fun, well-travelled people.

As is the custom at Mary’s, people got on like a house on fire (especially after all those chili peppers)… all the while wrapping our own fresh spring rolls, dipping fish in lemon-grass coconut sauce and enjoying a banana dessert and Filfar Bergamot liqueur. Sunday was equally special in a different way - the introduction to Tarot card reading workshop had been fully booked since 3 weeks ago and everyone was really looking forward to it. Our guest speaker Mary-Lynne Stadler is actually an artist but has been reading Tarot cards for many years - continuously studying and developing her skills.

As so often during those ‘Sunday ladies mornings’, several guests were healers/therapists and the atmosphere was light and fun with a touch of spirituality. There was lots of laughter on my balcony as we did introductions over coffee, sweet curd pockets and bowls of grapes. In fact, some of the regulars were singing such praises of these mornings that I finally told the newcomers they mustn’t think I’ve paid for these. But as one of them stated under the event’s facebook photo later on ‘Thank you very much for such warm atmosphere and tasty food! And it’s always nice to meet new people!’

Participants did not get their actual personal reading done as time would not have allowed for this since there were ten guests. They did get a personality/soul reading though based on their dates of birth and related to different cards. These made perfect sense after Mary-Lynne’s presentation which talked about the many different and very personal ways of interpreting cards and touched on topics such as intuition, self-perception, the law of attraction, the way society affects us…

We had a wonderful time listening, discussing, looking at the drawings on different sets of cards, hearing excerpts from different books. There was absolutely none of the ‘mumbo-jumbo’ or telling ones future that many associate Tarot card readings with.

Our food on the other hand was more outer-worldly - I had felt very inspired and came up with a new creation of pasta salad: Farfalle with water chestnuts, peas and tangerines with a soy-ginger-peanut dressing - heavenly indeed! And there were also Chinese steamed vegetable dumplings, Argentinean pizza, an Egyptian carrot dip, an Indian cauliflower curry, an Austrian potato spread with freshly baked bread… a little culinary tour of the world.

Over lunch new groups of ladies formed, more cards were exchanged, more friendships started… one ‘cluster’ that was particularly engrossed in a discussion stayed into the afternoon. What rewarding feeling to be able to provide the venue for such wonderful encounters! Now I look forward to hosting another Website in a day event, allowing people to get free help creating their websites, then an Austrian dinner and finally on Sunday, a cocktail party with discount vouchers for language classes - adding extra value to these fun get-togethers. All is listed at


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