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New Cyprus Animal Protection Political Party Launched

animal party cyprusThe new 'Animal Party Cyprus' (APC) is set to be launched on April 27th at the Philoxenia Hotel in Nicosia, said one of the founders Patricia Radnor. See the party's Facebook page here.

Many voters are disillusioned with the authorities' lack of real action to protect animals from being poisoned, trapped, abused, or abandoned, said Mrs. Radnor.

"Even more are angry at the cruelty that goes on unadressed. The image of Cyprus as a tourist destination is being blackened through Facebook daily," she said.

The party will be officially registered by the time the next European Parliamentary elections to be held 22-25 May, 2014. There are already 13 similar parties across Europe and they are the fastest-growing parties in the countries where they are registered, said Mrs Radnor.

"The same way women got their rights when they got on the political the same way animals will get their rights," she said.

The party's first priority is to get the existing legislation enforced and get the stakeholders working together, she said.

The event will be attended by Marianne Thieme, Lawyer, MP, Leader (and co-founder in 2002) of The Netherlands Party for the Animals (Partij voor De Dieren) and Dr Marlene Wartenberg, Director of European Policy Office, Vier Pfoten/Four Paws International.

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