• Celebrating 7 years
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    Celebrating 7 Years of CyprusNewsReport

    Join us to celebrate our 7th Anniversary! We are running a special draw with giveaways for our subscribers new and old until July 31st, 2016. If you’re already a subscriber, no need to do anything, you’re automatically included in the draw. If you’re not yet a subscriber, it’s easy to enter the draw, just register […]

  • cnr news club
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    How to Blog with CNR News Club to Build Your Reputation

    Watch this video to see what’s inside CNR News Club! A blog can build your reputation and create more opportunities for your future. CyprusNewsReport.com started in 2009 with a simple idea; making the mainstream media more accessible to writers, activists and everyday people who need exposure for their ideas and work. The competition in most […]

  • mondaymotivation
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    Thought for Today – Wear Your Smile

    Every day reflects your potential, it shows your ability to find the beauty in things and your creativity to recognize the opportunities there are. Every day you can forget and forgive, love and embrace, inspire and explore what the abundant Universe provides. Don’t be surprised if you pay attention to a newspaper full of bad news […]

  • venetia z
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    Vibrate Higher with Venetia – The Power of Belief Systems

    The power of belief is amazing. Most people have limiting and negative beliefs. Beliefs are programs in the subconscious mind programmed from childhood. We manifest our entire life through those programs. For example, let’s say that you and a friend go out to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Your friend asks you to order for […]

  • munich terror attack
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    Emergency Numbers for Cypriots in Munich After Terrorist Attack

    Updates July 23rd: German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets with her security cabinet on July 23rd. German police say the shooter was not connected to ISIS (DeutscheWelle) and left no suicide note. His crime is described as ‘mass rampage’.  The Foreign Ministry has released emergency contact details for any Cypriots affected by the terrorist attack in […]

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