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Thought for Today

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Thought for Today 20.3.2012

thought for today The friendships you have reflect the way you are able to give and receive. The sharing of respect, laughter and love creates opportunity to inspire friendships to become a lifelong connection in which you remind each other about the choices you made in your life without judgment.

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Thought for Today 7.2.2012

thought for the day Do you make from every day a special one? Do you have a job you like, enjoying every day the work you may do? Do you feel blessed and content the way you live, act and organize your life?

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Thought for Today 6.2.2012

wilhemina de boerThe circumstances you are in are not to hold you back or to punish you. They are simply reflecting the way you think and act in life. Instead of judging your circumstances give them today a gift of love and gratitude.

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Thought for Today 2.2.2012

thought for todayWe pretend to know what we want but do we? We talk about our desires but are we willing to take ourselves completely through the process to get it? When we don't have faith in ourselves, having doubts, we can't receive.

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Thought for Today 1.2.2012

thought for today Fears lose their power when you hold them up to the light of your consciousness. Your mind thinks in the limitation of conditioning in which you have no power and control.

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Thought for Today 31.1.2012

thought for today There is only one in control of you, and that is you. Even when others will tell you how to think, live or act, it is only you who can make the choice to do so. Live the unique power you are, realize that everyone has different ideas about reality but we all have the freedom to choose our own.

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Thought for Today 27.1.2012

thought for today When we learn to follow our heart, we guide ourselves into the path of awakening. Through the heart we recognize compassion and love and when we start to embrace ourselves, forgiving ourselves the mind struggles we fight, we can bring freedom and light to the thoughts we have.

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