• limni golf project
    in: Environment  | 

    Limni Golf Project Threatens Turtles, Risks EU Fines

    A golf development project at the vital Loggerhead turtle nesting grounds in Limni, Polis, got a license in defiance of all common sense and EU environmental laws, meaning that the Cyprus taxpayer will have to pay for the enormous fines that are sure to rain down on the island after the European Court of Justice […]

  • natural gas cyprus
    in: Economy  | 

    Undersea Gas Pipeline Deal Signed with Egypt

    Cyprus and Egypt have signed an undersea natural gas pipeline deal, for the delivery of gas from the island to the Egyptian mainland by 2020-22. “Cooperation in the oil and gas sector…will further depend the excellent relations…and will further unlock and promote the potential of the Eastern Mediterranean as a whole,” said Commerce Minister George […]

  • war crimes syria
    in: Human Rights  | 

    War Crimes in Syria: ICC Is Only Way Forward

    Opinion If Russia and China continue to cynically deny the Syrian government’s obvious responsibility for dropping chemical weapons on civilians in several helicopter attacks in 2015, then they are following the wrong policy in the eyes of anyone who gives a damn about human rights. Why did China block the UN’s attempt to get the […]

  • sewerage nicosia
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    Reports of Outrageously High Sewerage Bills in Nicosia

    Residents in the Lakatamia and Archangelos suburbs of Nicosia are reporting sewerage bills in the hundreds and even thousands of Euros. Antonis Antoniou of the Nicosia Sewerage Board told CyprusNewsReport.com that the bills are based on the value of the property, and that anyone with a problem to pay can send a letter to the […]

  • cyprus
    in: Cyprus Politics, Politics  | 

    Cyprus Talks: No Guarantees from Third Countries – President

    President Anastasiades has once again drawn the line against guarantors from third countries for Cyprus’ security, said Government Spokesman Nicos Christodoulides in comments to the state broadcaster. Turkey, the UK and Greece were written into the 1960 founding constitution as guarantors, which gave them the right to intervene short-term if either the Greek-or-Turkish Cypriots tried […]

  • blogging cyprus
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    CNR News Club: Blogging Tips for Businesses

    Blogging for branding and influence In the digital age, marketers have the additional challenge of creating blogs that are persuasive and show expertise without putting people off with the hard-sell approach. Finding this balance is what makes a successful blog, and promoting it correctly is what makes a blog popular and ultimately more influential. Over time, […]

  • how and why to blog with cnr news club
    in: CNR News Club  | 

    How to Blog with CNR News Club to Build Your Reputation

    Watch this video to see what’s inside CNR News Club! A blog can build your reputation and create more opportunities for your future. CyprusNewsReport.com started in 2009 with a simple idea; making the mainstream media more accessible to writers, activists and everyday people who need exposure for their ideas and work. The competition in most […]

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