When you are upset, angry or bitter you have left your state of peace and happiness. When you don’t know what to do, you forgot about all the things you normally know for sure and have accomplished so far. At that moment you have managed to bring yourself into the victim-role of not having, not doing and not being able to.

To step out of this situation is more important than complaining about being in it. So simply remind yourself that whatever you inspire with your thoughts and focus will certainly grow.

Forgive yourself for identifying with that uncomfortable (human) role you have taken on. Start being kind to yourself and observe your conditioned mind, gently directing it to freedom and peace simply by knowing that your thoughts create your reality.

Inspire your heart to embrace and enlighten the dark corners of your mind and in the light of that awareness you will become conscious of all what is possible when you are ready to accept and receive all what is given to you.

Love and Light, Wil