Cyprus Has Highest Percentage of Facebook Users in EU – Cyprus IS Infographic

A vast majority of Cyprus' Internet users are looking for information about goods and services.

cyprus social media
social media facebook cyprus
Cyprus IS infographic by Foundiid.

Cyprus has the highest percentage of Facebook users in Europe, according to the Cyprus IS infographic published by design and lifestyle gurus Foundiid. Internet penetration is so high that Foundiid’s researcher Paul McEvoy has coined the term social-media island. No less than 94 percent of Internet users in Cyprus are Facebook users, and three-quarters of the population use the Internet.

The full infographic can be viewed here.

Since Facebook is a convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family abroad, it’s not surprising that Cypriots have adopted the platform as a cost-effective way to communicate. Almost as many Cypriots live abroad as do on the island. Close to 700,000 Cypriots reside on Cyprus, with a further 511,000 abroad in countries like the UK, Australia and the US.

cyprus social media
Cyprus IS infographic by Foundiid.

It’s also a lively marketplace. Buying, selling, trading of property, services, cars, furniture; everything from makeup to marble. With Cypriot users being the fifth highest most active of social media members in Europe, there is a hugely promising audience for the companies who market successfully on Facebook and other social media sites.

A vast majority of Cyprus’ Internet users are looking for information about goods and services. This means that companies that are not marketing in the social media space are losing out on significant market share and business opportunities.

cyprus social mediaMobile is the preferred platform for Internet and social media users. While at home 88 percent of Cypriots use their mobile phones compared to 69 percent who use laptops and just 37 percent who use tablets. When they’re on the road, 79 percent of Cypriots use their mobile to access the net, and a minority use other devices like laptops or tablets.

The implications for businesses which want to build their social media profiles are profound. Social media must be heavily-weighted in the marketing mix, and marketing experts with significant experience must be used to guide strategy. Cross-discipline marketing is a must here. More than ever, combining traditional and digital messages is a creative challenge that needs teamwork. The implications for business operations are just as significant. Staffing the Facebook page so that messages are answered promptly just went to the top of the priorities.

Like any social – or media – experience, you only have one chance to make a great first impression.

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