FIRST AID for DOGS Workshop

dog first aid

A wonderful, highly important workshop offered by Dog Coach School, 6 Nikitara Street, 2414, Engomi, Nicosia on Saturday 20th of May at 15:00 for two hours.

If you simply love dogs, own dogs, are shelter owners/volunteers, groomers or dog trainers this is an event not to be missed.

dog workshopThe workshop will cover:

  • Basic health signs
  • Basic Kit (κουτί πρώτων βοηθειών)
  • Vital signs (ζωτικά σημάδια)
  • Body check (έλεγχος σώματος)
  • GDV/Bloat (συστροφή στομάχου)
  • Eye injuries (τραυματισμοί ματιών)
  • Shock (σοκ)
  • Εar infections (λοιμώξεις αυτιών)
  • Insect stings (τσιμπήματα εντόμων)
  • Poisoning (δηλητηρίαση)
  • Heat stroke (θερμοπληξία)
  • Epilepsy (επιληψία)
  • Drowning (πνιγμός σε νερό)
  • Choking (πνιγμός από αντικείμενο)
  • Burns/scalds (εγκαύματα)
  • Bleeding (αιμμοραγία)
  • Fractures/sprains (κατάγματα/διαστρέματα)
  • Snake bites (δάγκωμα φιδιού)
  • Bandaging (επίδεση)
  • CPR (Καρδιοπνευμονική ανάνηψη)
  • Common diseases (ασθένειες)
  • Conformation, balance and fitness in the domestic dog (διαμόρφωση, ισορροπία και φυσική κατάσταση)

The speakers are:

 Dr Harris Petevinos graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Veterinary Department and is a postgraduate holder (PhD) from the University of Edinburgh and Pretoria – Ondesterpoort Veterinary school-South Africa.
 He specialized in microsurgery at Duke University [North Carolina State] and Jackson’s Laboratories.[Maine State]. Participation in practical workshops and conferences related to domestic and exotic animals in the United Kingdom, Spain and United States of America.

Stephanie Karageorgis was born in South Africa and moved to Cyprus when she was 6 years old. She has always had an interest in nature, with a particular passion for dogs and their welfare. She got her first dog, Nelson (a Cyprus rescue), when she was 13 years old, and this special boy only reconfirmed her love for dogs and sparked an intense interest in the amazing ability dogs have to communicate with us and understand us.

She pursued this passion with a B.Sc. in Animal Behaviour and a postgraduate diploma in Animal Physiotherapy at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. She has been successfully running her practice “SKylos Animal Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation” for the past 5 years, and is currently doing her masters in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law, via the University of Edinburgh

We’ll be there and you should be too!

Price: €30 (€15 for shelter volunteers)

Contact: 99641880