Turkish Cypriots Vote No in Turkey Referendum – Govt Spokesman


Turkish President Erdogan has to evaluate that he lost the referendum vote in the Turkish-held north of Cyprus, said Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides in comments to the state broadcaster. Erdogan also has to take into account the fact that he lost in the larger cities and that the OSCE criticised the referendum for having an unfair playing ground. Nonetheless, the government hopes for stability in Turkey, he added.

Erdogan looking more and more like Hitler. Photo AFP Bulent Kilic

The government is still evaluating the referendum results, which are not very positive with regards to the Cyprus problem, said the spokesman. In related news, the spokesman said that under a federal system in Cyprus, the Turkish Cypriots cannot have a veto at the federal level. A veto would just create the same problems the Republic of Cyprus experienced in the past. Deadlock, walk outs and separatism.

Talks between the Greek-and-Turkish Cypriot leaders have resumed but there’s a noticeably harder line. Two of the island’s security guarantors – Turkey and the UK – are going through political upheavals with the Brexit and the presidential referendum. Greece opposes Turkey’s expansionism in the Aegean and Cyprus. The Cypriot leaders have to move cautiously – the minefields aren’t just in the ground in Cyprus, there are political minefields in the tense atmosphere.

A new series of four meetings is being held between the leaders, who have reached the core issues in the Cyprus problem – guarantors, governance and power sharing.