Justice NOT Served for Max the Dog


Once again the justice system of Cyprus and judge Loizos Moukis of the Larnaca District Court should hang their heads in shame over the unpardonably low sentence handed down today in the case of Max.

Max was a 17 month old German Shepherd and trained therapy dog to a deaf gentleman. He was brutally stabbed to death on June 20th 2015 after getting loose and going over to sniff the defendant’s dog.

The sentencing strongly contradicted the facts. The judge did the following:

  1. Dismissed the 72-year-old defendant’s claim during the trial that he was stabbing the dog while in self-defence
  2. Accepted the complainant’s position that the the 17-month-old Shepherd saw the other puppy and simply attempted to approach him to smell it and to play together without biting it.
  3. Accepted that the offense was serious.

In spite of all that, the sentence was just 45 days jail, 3 years suspended sentence and €150 court fees.

Yet the law recommends the sentence in these cases to be:

1 year jail and/or fine of up to €1700 for a first offence

2 year jail and/or fine of up to €3400 for a second or more offence

To add insult to injury Max’s distraught owner was fined €400 for not making sure he was secure on his leash!

If you wish to complain about the injustice served you should write to the Attorney General or Public Prosecutor and ask them to fight the decision, we have 14 days to change their minds.

Rest In Peace Max, gone but never forgotten.