Limassol Estate Agent Starts Tearing Down Building with Sick Old Woman Still In It

limassol old woman

Limassol estate agent Evgenios Vrionides has cold-heartedly started to tear down a house on Digeni Akrita street with a sick old woman still inside it, a neighbor told

“Do you feel sorry for her? Do not bother me again!” said Vrionides during a phone call with His tone was highly aggressive and threatening, and he called us back with insults and shouted that his lawyer will take legal action.

“My husband (o Makaritis) signed and signed and signed and suddenly I don’t have any property,” the previous owner of the house Mrs. Toula told

Much of the garden, the furniture and a TV set were removed by workers with a bulldozer and skip on May 2nd. The estate agent’s For Sale sign is on the gate.

There is a complicated background to the situation, according to our source. Vrionides claims to own the house and gave a one-month eviction notice to the woman, whose deceased husband was the original owner. The agent threatened the women with court action if they didn’t leave within the month. Instead of court action however, the estate agent started the process of demolishing the property, beginning with the garden in the adjoining plot. It is a clear attempt to intimidate the women into leaving.

According to our source, the house was signed over by the woman’s husband, who died recently. The old woman is completely confused and the whole street is upset by the situation, adds our source.

The ‘previous’ owner is looking after her mother, who is around 90 years old and virtually a skeleton in the bed.

The two vulnerable women are also afraid of the developer/estate agent. Since the situation appears to be an imminent threat, we have called the police and they are sending an officer to see what is going on. The officer will go within the day, he told us, due to a shortage of personnel.

In the latest developments, Nicosia police headquarters has assured us that a social security officer and a police officer are being sent to handle the situation.

Update: The two women are now being represented by a lawyer and the estate agent has been warned to keep his distance from their home.