The Realities of Hunting Season

hunting season

UPDATE: As promised we are following our boy’s progress and have an update for you. He’s a fighter! He made it through the night and this morning the vet was able to draw blood for tests. He is severely anaemic but thankfully his organs, by some miracle, are not badly affected. He requires a blood transfusion and a fellow rescuer from Paphos jumped into action and drove to Limassol with her dog to help. Rescue is all about compassion and teamwork; it saves lives. More to follow…..

Hunting dog cyprusThe reality of hunting season in Cyprus is once again staring us in the face. With the laws not being acted on, the police, veterinary services and municipalities do not control the lack of licences that the hunters are required by law to obtain and therefore there is no consequence for those who abuse and discard the animal if they do not ‘perform’ well, become too old, become ill or are simply not needed anymore.

We shall be following the story of one such poor soul as it’s time the public realise the horror the volunteer rescuers encounter almost daily during and just after the hunting period.

This poor boy was found on May 17th in Limassol; laying on the ground with people walking by and not stopping to help. He is a sack of bones, dehydrated completely emaciated only weighing in at 8 kgs; his body was covered in ticks eating away his ears and he has infected bite and puncture wounds all over his body oozing pus and smelling rotten!!

He was immediately rushed to the vets by rescuers where he was put on a drip and given boosters to try and give him a fighting chance. His gums are white with anaemia. It was difficult for the vets find a vein to be able to draw blood.

Now we are waiting for a miracle!!! We are hoping that he still has some strength in him to fight…to live!!! The vets are doing everything they possibly can but it is up to this nameless boy!!!

His rescuer, Marina, said ‘So lost for words…nothing that we say will even come close to what we have experienced today!!!!’

We shall follow is story until he hopefully pulls through but if you see an animal in this state please don’t just walk by… us, send us a message and we’ll try to send help if you are unable to take it to a vet.

If anyone wants to donate for this boy please do so at paypal (we know them personally and are reliable).