Crans Montana Guarantor Talks Fail, Peace Movement Grows

crans montana

The Crans Montana guarantor and security talks failed at a political level, but at a grass roots level, the peace movement keeps growing.

Turkey’s unrealistic expectations of remaining permanently on foreign soil and perpetuating its invasion and occupation were the main cause of the failure to reach an agreement. The old-fashioned colonial structures are proving difficult to remove, but as long as they are against the wishes of the people, they will eventually crumble. Just as the Berlin Wall and Russian occupation of East Germany failed, so will the Turkish occupation. It was Turkey’s turn to show good faith for a reunited Cyprus and it failed.

Meanwhile, the Unite Cyprus peace movement and cross-communal religious cooperation is becoming established. The more people realise that peace is within their own power, and take small individual steps towards building bridges, the closer the whole country is to taking back its future and independence.

At this point, anyone who is not part of an organic, grass roots movement towards peace and community is part of the problem. Even worse, they risk becoming irrelevant. Everyone is tired of going around in circles.

It’s 2017, and everything has changed except Turkey’s position on Cyprus. Even the formerly estranged Cypriot leadership has been negotiating in good faith for the last four years. The choice is clear, either Turkey’s leadership decides to join the 21st Century or it stays in the past.

Think about it.