Occupation Regime Breaches Right to Freedom of Religion

agios mamas

The Turkish-held north has breached the freedom of religion rights belonging to every human being by banning an Orthodox pilgrimmage to Ayios Mamas church on September 5th. The occupation regime said the pilgrimage coincides with the beginning of the Muslim observance of Bayram.

It is a step back in the relations between the Greek-and-Turkish Cypriot communities.

Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides said he hoped the excuse given would not prevent future pilgrimages.

Morphou Bishopric condemned the ban.

The Turkish-Cypriots and Turks responsible for this decision now expect to cross the checkpoints and worship at Sultan Tekke mosque for Bayram on September 5th. Perhaps they even expect to provoke a tit-for-tat ban so they can trigger more tensions between the communities.

It’s an obvious ploy if you understand the politics here.

But in effect it only makes the Turkish-Cypriot community look bad in the eyes of the international community. And makes Turkey look even worse than it already does in terms of human rights.