Cabinet Votes for More Support for Kids with Autism

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The Cabinet approved three new schemes to help the needy, including one for children with autism, said Minister of Welfare and Social Insurance Zeta Emilianidou.

A ministerial committee has been set up to manage issues faced by people with disabilities, she adds. The first decision is to set up an assessment centre to provide services to children with autism. The centre will be at the Stelios Ioannou Foundation.

The second decision concerns people with severe disabilities. A programme for supported living would help them to have relative independence and assist their families. Five to 10 homes would be assigned within the community and the residents would be able to live autonomously, said the minister.

The European Social Fund covers the cost for each house, estimated at around 300,000 Euros per year. The assessment centre for kids with autism costs around 700,000 Euros per year, adds the minister.

The Cabinet also approved an apprenticeship scheme covering 650 Euros per month for graduate lawyers entering the market.

In addition, pensioners living below the poverty line would receive additional assistance, said the minister.