Animal Welfare Police Bill Set For House of Representatives

animal welfare

President Nicos Anastasiades said a bill for a new animal police unit is set to be submitted to the House of Representatives soon, and that he is personally concerned about the state of animal welfare on the island.

The Veterinary Services has been made responsible for administering a new system to handle the over-population of cats and dogs, with emphasis on a sterilisation programme. It will be renamed as the “Veterinary Services and Animal Welfare Services,” said the president.

An attempt is being made to address the fragmentation of laws and responsibilities in the state and municipal authorities, he added.

Head of the Animal Party Cyprus Kyriakos Kyriakou is acting as an unpaid consultant to the president, he said.

Animal abuse cases have horrified and shocked people with the extent of their cruelty. The fact is that an animal abuser is as likely to hurt a human being as he or she is to hurt an animal, according to psychological experts.

Note: this publication has made animal welfare a central priority for main news items due to our stance on the need for awareness about these serious issues.