Turkish Warplanes Disturb Central Nicosia Neighborhoods

turkish warplane cyprus

The high-tensile sound of Turkish warplanes flying too close alarmed residents in the centre of Nicosia in the morning of November 14th. From the old walled city, we can hear the jets clearly. Even though we can’t see them, they seem to be directly above us.

The jets signal an increasingly aggressive position being taken by Turkey over north Cyprus, which is preparing to mark its unilateral declaration of independence on November 15th. In October, Greek warplanes flew over Nicosia during the celebrations of OXI Day, and it appears that two powers are growing increasingly confrontational over the island.

The Turkish warplanes are in the occupied areas at Tymbou Airport, and their exercises can be clearly heard in Pallouriotissa and Kaimakli as well as in Nicosia old city. Explosive fireworks were heard in the middle of the night, once again disturbing the peace.

In the latest updates, Greek-Cypriot students massed at the Ledra Street crossing to protest the Turkish invasion and UDI by the Turkish Cypriots. See video below.

Ever since the attempted coup in Turkey in July 2016, the country has grown ever more unpredictable and aggressive, triggering defensive moves from Greece. Catalonia’s declaration of independence appears to have encouraged the Turkish Cypriot administration into more defiance and posturing.

File photo.