Turkish-Cypriot Convicted of Laundering Over One Million GBP


Turkish-Cypriot Kamil Ozalp was convicted of laundering over one million pounds after he was caught in a supermarket in Ayios Nikolaos on sovereign base territory.

The man, a UK resident, had been arrested in England in May after he was found in possession of £100,000 cash. However, after being released on bail, 46-year-old Ozalp fled the country and was in hiding in the north, said SBA authorities.

SBA Chief Inspector Mustafa Kemal said he was caught after authorities acted on a tip from the National Crime Agency.

Police captured Ozalp when he was grocery shopping.

After initially pleading guilty to a lesser charge and not guilty to the charge of laundering more than £1 million and being faced with an even lengthier sentence, Ozalp reversed his plea and will now spend the next five years and three months behind bars.

The chief inspector continued: “This is a great result for the SBA Police, the National Crime Agency and all of the other authorities who have worked so hard to bring this man to justice.