Five Autopsies On Bulgarian Woman – Health Minister Apologises

health ministry

Newly-appointed Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said he is investigating the ministry’s public administration system after five autopsies were carried out on a Bulgarian woman found dead of a suspected dog attack in Paphos. The minister apologised to the family of the deceased.

Two men who own a pack of dogs near to where her body was found a week ago have been arrested while the authorities examined the body. It is thought the coroners were testing DNA to match to the dogs believed to have attacked her. Petruna Milkova’s body was subjected to five autopsies, raising suspicions that one or all of the coroners were tampering with evidence. At the very least, five autopsies would muddy the waters of any evidence found. What court would accept such botched findings? The cause of the woman’s death could have been murder, manslaughter or accident, but how will it be determined now?

Ioannou blames the lack of best practices, high standards and performance benchmarks for the situation. Corrective measures are already narrowed down to two choices pending a consultation with experts, he said.

Disciplinary action would also be taken if the investigation finds fault with the coroners, said the minister.