3 Reasons Why Creativity in Business Will Make You More Money

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lindsay king creative women conference
Lyndsay King

By Lyndsay King, Speaker at the Creative Women Conference 2018.

As a business owner you must be quick on your feet and fast to make decisions. Competition is thick, and opportunities to make money present themselves every day.

Being a creative business owner is paramount. As Darwin says, (yes a cliche) it’s not the strong who survive, it’s those willing to adapt – and that takes creativity.

  1. Creativity is problem solving. Seeing around a problem and always finding a solution is a key factor for success.

  2. Be creative with your money. Did you know that 80% of women starting out invest their own money into their businesses rather than raise investment? Be innovative, reinvent, recycle, and keep your costs low.

  3. Relationships in business can make or break long term success. From customers, to vendors, to general services and neighbouring businesses. Be creative in relationships, you never know when you will need the support, advice, or referrals. Build a strong network.

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