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Cyprus News Report is a news and blogging community; a new generation of e-news, analysis and great blogs from Cyprus and the region, with a factual, concise and balanced approach.

Founded in July 2009 by Sarah Fenwick and Pawel Mandalian, our mission is to give people a real voice in the mainstream news media, and support human rights and civil society.

We have innovated by creating CNR News Club, which has the unique approach of combining social networking with a blogger’s and active citizen’s community. CNR News Club supports and promote bloggers and Influencers.

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Sarah Fenwick

Prize-winning, accredited journalist and editor Sarah Fenwick (yes, the jazz singer) has extensive experience as a reporter working in the Cyprus media and for Thomson Financial News where she covered financial news in Switzerland. She has reported on music, business and politics in Cyprus and is also active as a marketing communications consultant.

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