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Friday, March 23, 2018
universal healthcare

Universal Healthcare Bill Moves Forward and a Short Personal Encounter at Nicosia General Hospital

A long title, I'll agree. Read on to see why it counts. Cyprus lawmakers have given the green light for the universal healthcare scheme to...
universal healthcare cyprus

Universal Healthcare Insurance is for the Greater Good – Opinion

Health Minister George Pamborides is admirable to stick to his vision of universal healthcare insurance in the public sector. In the face of considerable...
cyprus healthcare crisis

The Best Christmas Present for the Cypriot People Is Health

The public healthcare system in Cyprus is in crisis because the state doesn't spend enough to fund, administer and manage it effectively. What follows...
cyprus healthcare crisis

Cyprus Healthcare Crisis Deepens as Bills Delayed in House of Representatives

Health Minister Georgios Pamborides said there are forces working through the political parties to hold up the national healthcare bills pending in front of...
cyprus healthcare

Cyprus National Health Insurance Plan Hits Brick Wall – Opinion

The hundreds of thousands of Cypriots waiting for an organised, properly-managed national healthcare insurance plan are set to wait even longer after more delays...
cyprus healthcare

Cyprus Underspends on Healthcare vs EU Norm – Survey

At 46.5 percent, public funding in Cyprus' healthcare sector is dramatically lower than other EU countries, where it is a top priority and the...


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