The mind has the power to heal you and even change your entire life.

In the 18th century, an anesthesiologist named Henry Beecher discovered what we call today the placebo effect.

The placebo is a fake treatment given to patients as an injection with only water or a table made of sugar known as sugar pills.

In one experiment, patients with depression, pain, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and irritable bowel syndrome were given this fake treatment without them being aware of it. Shortly after, their symptoms had improved and in some cases, patients were even cured; this is because they believed in the treatment and expected a healing to occur. The belief and expectation that the treatment works created biochemical changes in their brain that cured them. In other words, it is our belief system that does the healing. We have many different systems in our body, but when it comes to healing yourself, it is the belief system that is in control of that

Placebos are fake, yet their effects are real. And this should make you wonder just how powerful your beliefs and expectations are.

But keep in mind that the same mind-power that can heal you can also harm you. Negative thoughts and beliefs can harm your health. For example, have you heard of the nocebo effect? The nocebo effect is the opposite of the placebo effect. It is a damaging, harmful effect on your health produced by a psychological response to a belief or expectation, and even a medical opinion.

For example, in another experiment, patients were warned about possible side effects if they take a particular drug, and their negative expectations created negative results. One after another, people reported side effects; the same side effects they were warned about even when their test drug was a placebo (fake treatment.) And again, this should make you wonder just how powerful your beliefs and expectations are.

Your beliefs and expectations create psychological changes in the brain, causing you to experience different results. The fact that you believe in something and expect it to happen changes the chemistry of your brain, and once the brain chemistry changes, so does the outcome of your life.

The brain controls your mental, emotional, and physical health.

The mind can heal, and this is the power of positive thinking.

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Venetia Zannettis is a life transformation coach, a Law of Attraction expert, healer, and aura reader. She loves to inspire & help people reach their pull potential, and is dedicated to spreading positive energy to her clients and the world. Venetia uses the universal Law of energy, vibration, and frequency to attract and manifest more happiness, health, money, and success. She has certified in psychology - emotional intelligence & specializes in the conscious and subconscious mind.