Police have raided a Facebook user’s home on suspicion of animal cruelty and illegal hunting after he posted a photo of a dead fox on his timeline.

Dozens of outraged animal welfare activists reported the post to the police, and he was tracked down, said authorities.

A criminal investigation was launched and the suspect’s home was raided; four shotguns were confiscated, a number of cartridges and a mobile phone. The man was arrested and interviewed, while all the evidence was sent for further examination, said police.

Cyprus red foxes are a precious part of the island’s biodiversity, and it’s good to see that animal welfare activists can make a difference through social media and fight the casual cruelty often displayed by hunters here.

Although not on the endangered list of species, the population of the Cyprus fox has been decimated in the past by unrestricted hunting, and is now a protected species.

The main cause of concern is the apparent pride shown by the hunter on Facebook, who was seeking ‘approval’ for his cruel actions. It’s this mentality that needs to change; hunting is no longer a brave thing to do as it was when man had to survive in a predatory world. Now it’s a cowardly, unequal match between a gun and a defenseless animal.

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