Dogs are strictly forbidden on beaches in Cyprus, due to some antiquated laws that seem trivial in the face of the massive pollution of our seas for which human beings are responsible.

For the sake of a nice day on the beach with your beloved pet, here’s a full list of dog beaches, as recently announced by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.

  1. Nicosia: Seratzia beach in Kato Pyrgos.
  2. Larnaca: Kasianes, also known as Spyros Beach.
  3. Pahos: Acheleia Beach and Pitili Beach in Neo Chorio.
  4. Limassol: Karavopetra Beach and Prolimnos Beach.
  5. Paralimni: Glyki Nero B beach.

Note: swimmers have reported human waste in the sea near Limassol, and since dogs are not allowed on those beaches, we only have ourselves to blame.

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